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Predictive Next Steps: A Guiding Hand to Help Build Powerful Automations | ActiveCampaign

Automation helps you make your marketing and sales faster, smarter, and more personalized at every touchpoint.

But do you know how to build automations so you can give each individual the best possible experience?

The ActiveCampaign Marketplace makes it easy to get started using automations with searchable, pre-built recipes. We recently released Predictive Recipes, the industry’s first intelligence-driven automation recommendation tool, which makes personalized automation recipe suggestions right within your platform.

There are times when a pre-built recipe isn’t the right choice for your goals. You want to build an automation yourself, to drive specific desired outcomes.

What if it was easier than ever to build those automations? What if you had guidance on what the next best step in an automation might be? What if it took less time, so you could focus on other parts of your business?

That’s where Predictive Next Steps come in.

Predictive Next Steps: Data-driven recommendations to help build powerful automations

Predictive Next Steps uses data based on intelligence from ActiveCampaign’s 120,000 customers, a dataset larger than any other marketing automation provider, to analyze the step you’ve inserted into an automation and suggest what might be the most useful action to add next. This means you can feel more confident (and save time) as you build dynamic, personalized experiences that people respond to.

In the Automation Builder, when you insert a “Send Email” or “Add a Deal” block, that block is inserted into the automation, and then:

  1. A Predictive Next Steps dialog box appears near the inserted Send Email block; the dialog contains recommended next blocks that you can select to insert as the next step in your automation.

  2. If you select a recommendation in the dialog, then the selected block is inserted as the next step in the automation, and the dialog box is removed. If you want to edit/configure the new block, you can now easily do so.

Want to better understand automation steps, discover new ideas, or simply save time? Predictive Next Steps has you covered.

Many automation platforms only offer pre-built automation flows that don’t allow for customization. Other platforms may let you build an automation, but the paths you can choose to take are very limited, with few outcomes. A generic, one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t let you integrate with your favorite tools, create omnichannel campaigns, or orchestrate amazing customer experiences at every customer touchpoint.

ActiveCampaign’s automation builder lets you customize every step along the way, so you can build the solutions and outcomes that you need.

Predictive Next Steps provides guidance you can use with a single click — taking care of tasks so you can focus on providing the human touch that automation can’t replace.

Predictive solutions help you work smarter, not harder

Every email, phone call, and sale is data. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use that data to solve hard-to-answer questions across your customer journey?

Predictive Next Steps is only the latest of our solutions that uses predictive intelligence and machine learning to help you use your data to make better decisions.

Win Probability

Don’t waste time on leads that will never turn into customers. Don’t miss out on leads that almost converted, but slipped away. When you know which leads are more likely to close, you can focus your sales team to close more deals and win more customers. Win probability uses hundreds of factors to give deep insights into your sales process. It’s like having our data science team work for your business.

Predictive Sending

Not everyone checks their email at the same time. When contacts get your emails at the times they prefer, you get more opens, more reads, more clicks—and more sales. With Predictive Sending, check a box and our data model will rank each hour in a day based on a contact’s habitual open time. ActiveCampaign will use these recommendations to make sure your emails are being sent at just the right time for each recipient, when they’re most likely to engage.

Predictive Content

You write different versions of copy – we make sure each person gets the message that’s right for them. Each contact gets a message chosen for them based on their past click data, using a Natural Language Processing model from ActiveCampaign. More relevant content means more conversions from your emails.

Predictive Recipes

Automation can handle the stuff that no one else has time for. But what if you don’t have time to set up automations? Get personalized recipe recommendations in-platform based on intelligence from ActiveCampaign’s 120,000 customers, a dataset larger than any other marketing automation provider. Once suggested, simply add and customize. Using recipes, businesses of all sizes can use complex automations with the click of a few buttons.

Let machines do machine things so people can do people things

People are better at some things. Machines are better at others. Let them take care of data so that you can offer the personal touch machines can’t replace. When the numbers are crunched for you, you’re free to focus on your business.

ActiveCampaign uses predictive solutions and machine learning to scale your business, not your workload.

Predictive Next Steps is available to all users. Log into your account and start using it now, or try it out when you sign up for a free trial.


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