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Because Trust, Expertise & Making Things Work is what defines us

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Since the incorporation of Edvertica Inc. in 2017, the team has had the privilege of working alongside various brands and organisations, growing to what it is today. 


The Digital Mechanics

We are the Digital Mechanics because we believe that in providing digital solutions to you, just as you would expect from your car mechanic, we would be Reliable, Skilled and Responsive to get the job done so that you need not worry and can focus on #drivingwhatmatters.

With more than 50 years of experience combined, our panel of Chief Mechanics brings along a plethora of expertise in technology, digital marketing, business application and development for a smooth ride throughout the process of building, fixing and maintaining your digital ecosystems. 

Our Chief Mechanics

Edvertica EDY Service Bot
Edvertica Calvin Chung

Calvin Chung

Expertise - CRM, Software, Business Automation, Web Development, 

Enterprise Process Management, 

Livestream, Media & Creatives

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Edvertica Rezal Chan

Rezal Chan

Expertise - Marketing, Digital Marketing, Event Management, Customer Acquisition, Media & Creative, Finance

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Edvertica Colin Han

Colin Han

Expertise - Business Development, Digital Marketing, UI/UX, 

Sales & Marketing Automation, Digital Media

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Edvertica Arthur Manfred

Arthur Manfred

Expertise - Business Development, 

Hardware & Infrastructure Implementation, 

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The Company

Edvertica Sdn. Bhd. (1231511-H), a company incorporated in 2017, is the purveyor of choice of revolutionary education technologies, digital and customer management consultancy to government bodies, associations and corporates in areas of commercialisation, sales & marketing. From our directors to our operations team, we hold ourselves to the things we know to be true as our business philosophies --

Focus On Our Client

We build long lasting relationships by providing our clients the best experience possible. Understanding needs is key to our successes.

Great Isn't Good Enough

We stretch ourselves to ensure we take the heavy lifting off clients. Overachieving is in our team's DNA.

Make Money w/o Doing Evil

Yes, earning is important to us as a business but so are our clients'. Delivering the right value is a win for us too.

There's Always Much More Out There

As purveyors of technology, we are always developing curating and on the lookout for breakthroughs to make them accessible to our clients.

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