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Walk in to Edvertica's Virtual Office to Collaborate, get Support & Level Up your Skills!

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Edvertica Virtual Office 

Welcome to Edvertica's Virtual Office, where we connect our team members, clients, partners & collaborators all in one online community, Whether you're seeking support, attending our Virtual Workshops, having business discussions or trying to beat the "work from home" woes, you're welcomed to hop in! 


How to access? See the Edvertica Virtual Office Guide..

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Conference Center

Equipped with Text, Audio & Video Conferencing, hop in to our Virtual Office to make enquiries, get support or quickly join in conversations. NO MORE Zoom links and Whatsapp messages. 


Simply log in and our team will be right with you. There are Public Channels for everyone, Locked Channels for privacy and Dedicated Channels for our Ultimate Support clients for more focused meetings. 

Virtual Workshops

Join our Bootcamp Live Workshops at the Edvertica Virtual Office.

Live Workshops are absolutely free while Ultimate Support clients enjoy dedicated Private Live Workshops. Easily invite your friends and colleagues to these workshops and continue to access to digital knowledge and tech support at our Virtual Office.

For more info on our Bootcamp, click here. 

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Support Center

One easy to access platform to get all the Digital or Tech support your need in your next big project! Edvertica's Virtual Office is also now a Support Centre for our treasured clients and support subscribers to access to our team of Mechanics to seek assistance.


Open from Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm for LIVE consultation or drop us a note at any time. 

Say "Hi" to Team Edvertica!


Not all Channels are made available here. To access all Channels please Log In to our Virtual Office

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